ASCurriculum vitae

Jan-Niels Homann


Vice/ Virtue: 2020

McCann London: 2020

Leo Burnett Zürich Intern: 2020

Art direction, Copywriting & Bachelor of Science (Businessadministration) at Miami Ad School and Steinbeis university: 2018-now

Media and communication management at Fresenius: 2017-2018

Medical Assistant with homeless fellas at Cafe mit herz: 2017

Movie company: 2016 – 2017

a-levels: 2016


I’ll be honest.Two years ago, I didn’t even know what advertising meant. 

I attended more than 4 schools, got suspended more than once, and still after working night shifts at the gas station and social work with the homeless

I somehow made it to Miami ad School. Originally I started as an art director here but then in my first internship my CD said: 

Dude! Forget it you are a copywriter in disguise! 

Now I’m almost at the end of my training and I have to say the one thing I’ve learned besides being a copywriter is that I have advertising in my DNA. It just feels right and I’m ready to put that feeling through its paces.





Strategic thinking

Basics in Marketing


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